Public sector is a specific part of an economy that is a service sector. The core of public sector is public administration, which is made up of system of offices with central office or territorial competence. In addition to public administration, there are other organizations financed with public finance that provide public services.

Public sector includes various branches of public services:

  • General public services (Public administration)
  • Defence
  • Public order and safety
  • Economic affairs
  • Environmental protection
  • Housing and community amenities
  • Health
  • Recreation, culture and religion
  • Education
  • Social protection

The principle of public sector management is as follows:

  • From the public (people) comes public power, there is public interest. Public finance (public budgeting system) and public ownership is based on taxes and fees generated.
  • Everything mentioned is a prerequisite for the functioning of the public sector producing public services.Public administration controls the other components of the public sector and also regulates the behavior of people.
  • Strategic management of public services is in the hands of political representation that:
    • Initiates
    • Controls
    • Ends

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  • (ii) the capacity of these individuals to be paid as non - changeless workers and
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