Not-for-profit system is distinguished from profit maximizing system by three characteristics. First, most not-for-profit system do not have outer shareholders providing risk capital for the business. Second, building on the first point, they do not distribute dividends, so one of profit (or surplus) that is generated is retained by the business as a assist source of capital. Third, their very main objectives often includes some social, cultural, and welfare, also philanthropic or environmental dimension, which in their absence, would not be readily provided and would run via the workings of the market system.

It would be simplistic to assume that any system that does not pursue profit as an objective is a not-for-profit system. This is an incorrect assumption, as many like system do make a profit each year and overtly includes this in their formal plans. Quite frequently, they will define their profit as a ‘surplus’ rather than a profit, but as either term can be defined as an excess of income on expenditure, the difference may be considered certainly semantic.

The Not for Profit Sector is globally so known because

  • When there is a natural disaster, the search and rescue efforts will be carried out by nationals and organisations from various countries
  • The experts who carry out research, as well as delivering aid will often have to travel to foreign locations, where there assistance is needed most pressingly
  • Typically, the need for specific expertise in one location will be short term, with those delivering the expertise then moving on to other regions where their support and guidance is needed
  • The medical practitioners who help the wounded in conflict zones, or immunize people at risk of suffering diseases will likely have travelled to distant places
  • The individuals with the skills and proven experience of delivering infrastructure and basic services access development in poor countries, will often have acquired this experience in different places

As the above consequence, it is really important that Contractors working in the Not for Profit sector are:

  • Globally mobile
  • Able to move quickly
  • Fully insured and legally compliant
  • Able to get paid reliably and on time

Newforce Solution’s value proposition to (i) Corporations (ii) Agencies (iii) Contractors that work in the Not for Profit Sector is:

  • We offer special reduced rates for the Not for Profit Sector - Newforce Solution’s Directors, Shareholders and Employees are committed to delivering value to those socially conscious individuals who deliver aid, and raise awareness also increase access to basic services
  • We can help you be globally mobile Newforce Solution ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance in the Not for Profit Sector to the maximum legally compliant level via Newforce Solution Tax Optimization Services, always taking into consideration national and international, bilateral treaties as governing double -taxation
  • Since we have a strong presence, language skills, qualified lawyers and experience of many of the countries with a major Not for Profit Focus, we are well placed to help you!

So, whether you are

  • (i) a HR executive in an Aid Charity looking for a specialist firm that can liaise with you to standardise processes and reduce exposure to risk
  • (ii) or a Recruiting company who want a trusted and genuine partner to initially satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can easily focus on placing experts in Not for Profit Sector such as Doctors and Researchers more quickly and more frequently, or
  • (iii) or a Contractor looking for a long term payroll and management company to provide you with solution to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance...

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