With the fast emerging field of global manufacturing hub, with all the requisite skills in product, process and capital engineering on account of its long manufacturing history and continuous upgradation of its higher education system. And most specifically within the Automotive sector, the advent of more efficient fuel technologies in the coming years there is a precursor to a strong potential for long lasting, quick and desirable battery powered vehicles that may eventually can be driverless. And will be built by non - traditional Automotive companies. Moreover, complex telematics and IoT have already put the Automotive sector at the forefront of digitisation in transportation.

Opportunities and Challenges faced by Manufacturing companies

The manufacturing sector is large and diverse, thus it faces risks like – increased costs for oil, natural gas, steel and copper are squeezing margins, unless offset by pricing and surcharge increases. Since clients are extremely to invest in new equipment’s, so then aftermarket service gains greater significance thus to strengthen core product offerings or widen geographical reach, also companies are seeking for acquisition targets, while others are looking to divest underperforming units. State and central taxes are , often managed across multiple locations, and are increasingly complex and under continuous review.

How we can help

We at Newforce Solution provide a wide range of services to the various large corporations, and agencies across various verticals including petrochemicals, textile, engineering, metals, industrial equipment and chemicals. The key services offered by Newforce Solution to the manufacturing sector include:

Newforce Solution’s value proposition to (i) Corporations (ii) Agencies (iii) Contractors that work in the Manufacturing & Automotive sector is:

  • We can help you be globally via Newforce Solution Management
  • We can increase the take - home pay of high - earners in the Manufacturing & Automotive sector via Newforce Solution Tax Optimization Services.
  • Since we have a strong presence, language skills, qualified lawyers and tax consultants as well as Labour Leasing Licenses in advanced Manufacturing and Automotive economies, such as Germany, as well as in the fastest growing/ "emerging" Manufacturing nations, we are well placed to help you!

So, whether you are

  • (i) a HR executive in an Manufacturing and Automotive looking for a specialist firm in this field of E&U that can liaise with you to standardise processes and reduce exposure to risk,
  • (ii) or a Recruiting company who want a trusted and genuine partner to initially satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can easily focus on placing experts in Manufacturing and Automotive domain and technology in your company more quickly and more frequently in your company,
  • (iii) or a Contractor looking for a long term payroll and management company to provide you with solution to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance.

Contact Newforce Solution today and let us help you to focus on work and its success!

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