At the core of today’s world, digital transformation is about evolving business models riding on technology disruptions, consumer needs and preferences. Today’s digital banking priorities are linked to redefining how people interact and engage also transact, while reshaping the dynamics of the traditional banking ecosystem in the world of transformation. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry is such that is set to grow exponentially due to the rising per capita income, expanding distribution, innovation in technology that lead to introduction of new products and increasing customer awareness of financial products. It is by nature a high-profile, high-visibility and highly sensitive. Enormously complex, globe-spanning financial technology systems of today require to exhibit ideal quality not proper in terms of risk, security and compliance, but also of the end-users trust, experience & satisfaction. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is imperative that organisations select a QA partner who will ensures their systems are always up and delivering at the supreme levels of quality.

Our service offerings for the BFSI industry

  • Offers Concurrent audit of Central and Regional Processing Centre
  • Services like Concurrent audit and Internal audit of Branch Operations
  • 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) audit
  • Trade Finance audit
  • Operations Manual compilation job
  • Retail Liability audit
  • Manpower assessment services
  • ERM Framework designing services
  • Retail Assets audit
  • Depository Participant audit
  • Stock audits on periodical basis
  • Audits of hypothecated securities
  • Audits / reviews (SOX)for selected branch operations areas

Opportunities and Challenges

Newforce Solution’s value proposition to : (i) Corporations (ii) Agencies (iii) Contractors that work in the BFSI sector is:

  • We can help you be globally mobile via our Newforce Solution’s Management Companies , as well as Newforce Solution Work Permit & Business Visa Services and Newforce Solution Immigration Consultancy Services
  • We can increase the earning in the BFSI sector via Newforce Solution Tax Optimization Services
  • BFSI is our by far our largest industry sector by volume - we take pride in our deep understanding of the sector in finance centres around the world

So, whether you are

  • (i) an HR executive in a global bank looking for a specialist firm that can liaise with you to standardise processes in your banking and finance services so as to reduce exposure to risk,
  • (ii) or a Recruiting company who want a trusted and genuine partner to initially satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can easily focus on placing experts in BFSI domain and technology in your company more quickly and more frequently in your company,
  • (iii) or a Contractor looking for a long - term payroll and management company to provide you solution thus to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance.

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