Today we live in a world with complete connectivity, a world which makes collaborations much easier. Where life is full of a whole lot of opportunities and challenges. At Newforce Solution, we understand your concern to make right choices also when there are too many options. Newforce Solution offers a solution for you to make well informed choices based on comparative analysis and the necessary market knowledge on a single platform. Newforce Solution is a management company and legal support provider that is working globally with the individual contractors, recruitment agencies and corporations working, placing and hiring in many countries around the world. It is headquartered in UK thus our employees, directors, shareholders, and affiliates and all the others are subject to stringent data protection laws, which ensure that our clients' rights and privileges are robustly safeguarded.

Indeed, our core operations and our core customer service team all are based primarily in the United Kingdom. Thus, enabling to provide strong account management to customers with a primary or significant presence in the UK. Based on the needs of each enterprise and organisations, we offer customized solutions, flexible work plans through our streamlined processes.

We assure to help organizations and individual contractors decrease costs and thus increasing profits by providing taxation, innovative contractor management, compliance, telecommunications, payroll, interim worker employment and other whole lot of services at one place. We are experienced across vertical sectors, with a very firm understanding of all the international rules relating to employment and taxation in specific market segments. With our fruitful services and our dedicated team, various industries get the peak level that is why our clients come from a broad array success of industries, including manufacturing and automotive, energy, banking and finance, communications, insurance, retail, telecom, Pharmaceutical and technology.


To become a global leader in Technology, and Services also ensuring customer satisfaction by adding value to work and also honoring commitments at all times. Our vision is to focus is on keeping up the Quality Services. We strive to be an eco-friendly organisation, instilling good corporate citizenship around.


To give leverage value to our customers through our excellent services. Also to be competitive and proactive in providing software solutions to customers by continuously striving to exceed their expectations by their demands. Also, at the same time building a trust-based relationship.

What we do?

We specialize in taxation, outsourced payroll, interim worker employment, increased contractor earnings, labor law, tax compliance, as well as the processes, legislation and paperwork related to employment, work Permit, Immigration Law Consultancy, management company, Recruitment Agencies, Tax Optimization, payroll for cooperation, Payroll for Recruitment Agencies.

Our services indeed cater to freelancers/contractors, agencies/recruiters and corporations. We totally understand that one size does not fit all. Based on the very needs of each enterprise, we offer customized solutions with flexible work plans through streamlined processes.

Having the advantage of multiple country presence that helps in multi-culture understanding we cater to your needs in compliance with the national laws and international rules relating to taxation, employment and legal compliance. We are indeed always ready to give our services without considering the time limit. Simply, we are ready to help their client in 24 hours modes.

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