From the past few years, societal, environmental and technological forces have been drastically influencing how the utility industry responds to their own major market challenges. Energy and Utility business is being driven at an unprecedented rate by:

  • Climate change, environmental concerns and greenhouse gas and carbon emissions targets;
  • Growth in renewable generation and distributed resources;
  • Volatile consumption patterns;
  • Aging assets with increased expectations on reliability;
  • Aging workforce poised for retirement;
  • Increased pressure on operational efficiency and workforce productivity;
  • Increasing desire and need for participation by consumers in the energy value chain; and,
  • Rise of distributed and micro generation and the trend to a federated operational model.

Energy transformation isn’t something for the future. It has to happen now. We at Newforce Solution can help you make the right moves in a period of new energy sources, distributed generation, smart grids, digital transformation and more empowered customers. The world of energy and utilities is being transformed from within and from outside. Developments like as blockchain and new participants working over industry boundaries have the potential to disrupt and change the energy sector in ways that can’t be wholly foreseen. With our experience of working over a range of industries and with over 4,000 power & utilities specialists, we’re on hand to meet your require global.

Solutions & Services:

Newforce Solution’s value proposition to (i) Corporations (ii) Agencies (iii) Contractors that work in the Energy sector is:

  • We can help you be globally mobile via Newforce Solution Management Companies
  • We can increase the take - home pay of high - earners in the Energy & Utilities sector
  • Our team includes individuals who have had a specific and special interest in Energy & Utilities - we take pride in our deep understanding of the sector around the world

So, whether you are

  • (i) a HR executive in an E&P Corporation looking for a specialist firm that can liaise with you to standardise processes and reduce exposure to risk,
  • (ii) a Recruiter who wants a trusted partner to satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can focus on placing Energy & Utilities domain and technology experts more quickly and more frequently, or
  • (iii) a Contractor looking for a long - term payroll and management company solution to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance...

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